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In December, we will announce one barista who will join our Coffee Connoisseurs Team and be fully sponsored by Coffee Over Cardio (monthly delivery of coffee, latest apparel, etc). They will be chosen based on the performance of their codes and overall impact on our coffee community. :)

✔️ Official Title of Barista Babe Brand Ambassador
✔️ 10% Commisssion to website
✔️ Invites to FREE team photo shoots and video shoots if local
✔️ Access to FREE content to use on your social media 
✔️ Increase your social media following, impressions, and engagements
✔️ A chance for your content to be reposted on major fitness accounts and ads
✔️ Discounted/free products
✔️The chance to meet and network with other Barista Babes!

Founder Abbey Scott

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